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Our Story

Mehr Consultancy was co-founded by husband and wife duo, Manjot Singh Bains and Harmeet Kaur Mann, both hailing from Panjabi immigrant families. They are both the first in their families to pursue higher education. Initially thinking they would carve out their own careers, Manjot and Harmeet both went to graduate school for degrees in the healthcare industry. But before they could even start their careers, they saw a need to help their parents manage and grow their hotel business; a hotel business that traced back to a long journey of hard work and determination. The Bains family migrated here from Punjab, India with little to their name. Like many trying to pursue the American Dream, they worked hard and long at all sorts of labrous jobs including factory work, agricultural work and transportation work. Their first investment into hotels was a small motel in Washington - dingy and broken. The whole family put all hands on deck, working all shifts including front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, and worked hard to transform it into a profitable revenue generating property. It is with this passion and determination that the team at Mehr Consultancy now approaches property management: there’s always room for improvement

and profit optimization. 


We understand the steep learning curve and overwhelm it can cause entering a new industry or investment opportunity. That is precisely why we show up for our investors, like we would for our own parents. We present all information transparently, and are available to you at every step of the way to make sure your investment produces maximum returns on your hard earned money. 







Our founders' help their family purchase first midscale hotel property - a Best Western Plus in Lancaster, CA

Our founders' help their family purchase second hotel property - a Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Lebec, CA

COVID hits and our founders take a very active role in the family business - managing and optimizing the two hotel operations and driving profitability.

Investors become intrigued and Mehr Consultancy is founded as an investment and management firm.

Our founders pool together investors to purchase two more assets and the year ends with 4 properties in California under our management.

Acquired first out of state property in Oklahoma. Continued to acquire more assets for investors and year is ended with 8 properties across 5 states, totaling over 600 rooms.

Mehr Consultancy moves into a designated office with a full staff and established as a fully functional management firm.

Approved to manage by Marriott/ acquired first Marriott property.
Started accepting third party management contracts.

We currently have 22 properties, totaling over 1700 rooms under management.

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